There’s a first for everything

Congratulations to the Oliver family on the beautiful addition to their family, Hadley, from China. Adoption holds a special place in my heart. I was adopted when I was four years old. I’m thankful that God placed me where I am and all of the opportunities I’ve been given because of adoption. When the Kohut family started visitations with me they took me to the ocean. A family favorite and I had never seen it. What do you think I did as a four year old? I walked straight into the Pacific ocean… the chilly pacific ocean and started getting rolled around in the break. I couldn’t swim. My mom panicked and ran to rescue me while my dad grabbed the 35mm camera and started clicking away. Those photos are hilarious. I’m honored I was able to capture Hadley’s first ocean experience.










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  • Emma FoxSarah, these are wonderful! You have captured so much joy and love.