Happy Birthday to my Grandmother

I love my grandmother Helen. (We call her Mumps… simply because my older sister named her that when she was first talking). I want to be in her kind of incredible, physical shape when I am her age. You would never guess her age to look at her and I will never tell it here 🙂 Helen always makes me laugh and inspires me to accomplish my dreams. She recently got a lap top and I have been helping her with her e-mailing and trying to teach her how to browse the Internet. One of her favorite features is Pandora. She was asking friends at a dinner party recently if they use Pandora and it tickled her to share it with them.

This photo was taken a few months ago of Helen (left) and her sister Barbara. They are so cute together. Here’s to my lovely grandmother, cheers!

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  • Eve MilesThat is beautiful, Sarah! I would love to have a copy of this one!