102 Mile Ultra Marathon

Inspired by the Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karazes James Harrell and Tony Rodriquez set out to run from Charleston to Savannah. Due to a knee injury Tony had to quit about 30 miles into the run, but James kept on going. He made it back to Savannah 102 miles just within the 24 hour period. I have never seen anyone push themselves that hard. I have to say I am pretty partial to the guy nevertheless it was incredible to photograph his journey.

A little bit of stretching before they began their run at about 4:00 a.m.

About 10:30 a.m James continues alone after Tony injured his knee.

Sometime around 1 p.m. halfway point 50 miles James changed his socks three times throughout the day.

Just shy of 24 hours later James finishes his run at 102 miles.

Finally home… James needed a little help from Dad to stay upright.

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